BREAKING IPL 2020 : Dinesh Karthik Leave KKR Captaincy, Eoin Morgen Announced New Captain For KKR

16/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
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  • Fake news Sharam Nahi aati jhoot Bolte hue for some likes Besharam 😡😡

    • @Cricket SuperFans I apologize sir but I think you are also telling wrong information like others From last month

    • Thank you so much Sir 👏👏 We Are Not Fake Like Others 🙏🙏

  • I think it is good decision for them now I think kkr can be one of the playoff teams

  • इयान मॉर्गन:ये क्या कर रहे हों दिनेश कार्तिक:कप्तानी कर रहा हु इयान मॉर्गन:ये मैं कर लेता हूं,तुम dream11 पर team बनाओ

  • Why danish kartik is not captioncy

  • 😍😍

  • Bhaai Bhagwan Ne Meri Sun Li H Maa kasma .... Me IPL Start se Hi Chahta thaa Ki Mera Morgan Hi Captain Ho Love U So Much 😍😍🥺😍😍

  • Good decision dk

  • Indian premier lig ipl me sab gole ko kiyu captain bana rahe he yar..ipl to india ki lig hena to sab teem me Indian captain hona chahiye galat ho raha he

  • KKR best..captain Eoin Morgan bye..Karthik..👍👍👍

  • Mi legend 🖤🤩

  • Thanks for the news

  • you upload fake video

  • 250th like !!

  • KKR. J

  • KKR r

  • Imaging Getting a heart from Cricket super Fans

  • Thank you sir ... Great news 😊

  • Good yahi hun chaiya

  • Me nhi samtta sahi captin dk

  • Best captin hai morgain

  • Eoin morgan captin de na sahi hai

  • Sahi kara dk

  • 🌹KKR 🌹 ke Jeet hai 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • 👍👍👍

  • Sir kkr ka vc kon hai

  • Is it really going to happen from this season!? If it is then it's a good news But I would always like DK to keep playing for KKR

  • Ipl kis chenal me dekhe

  • Kkr was needing captain like eoin morgan

  • Morgan is better than kartik

  • KKR good

  • Good

  • Nice bro

  • Net run rate Kya hai

  • Miss You Dinesh Karthik !! Champion Captain Morgan !!

  • Nice and fast information sir thank you

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  • Best news

  • Please bro mereko shout out dedo warna mai suicide karlunga 😓😫

  • Bhai toh fir aaj ke match me eoinmorgan aye ge toss ke liye

  • Good decision kkr👍

  • Good Morgan is good Captain

  • Bad decision by Dinesh Karthik

    • @Cricket SuperFans Yes sir , it's a good decision , even though DK is quite a good player , he can't do good captaincy according to me

    • Why sir .. I think it's good decision by kkr and dk

  • Please bhaiya mujhe reply do

  • Bhaut galat

  • First

  • Miss you karthik